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Custom Design Requests

2) What if I want a rug size I don't see listed?
3) What if I want a special design?
4) How can I pay for a Custom Design?

Payment Options

5) What if I don't want to pay over the Internet with my credit card?
6) Can you take my credit card number over the phone?

Payment Process Help

7) How does payment through PayPal work?
8) Is payment secure through PayPal?


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Low Prices for Top Quality

9) How can I be sure of getting good quality at such low prices?

9) How can El Jorongo offer such low prices?

Shipping Costs

10) Why is shipping so expensive?
11) How can I be sure my order will arrive?

Return Policy

12) Can I return a purchase for a full refund?


13) How many pieces do I have to purchase to get a wholesale price?
14)How will my wholesale order be shipped?
15) How do I pay for a wholesale order?


Custom Design Requests

2) Size is not a problem as our looms go up to 15 feet wide in one piece and can be warped to any length. You may specify any size you like for either one of our traditional designs or for a Custom Design.

3)You may send us as many designs as you like for FREE cost estimates. Please take into account that more complicated rug designs take more time to handweave and therefore tend to cost more whereas simpler designs will be less. The size and weight of the rug also influence the cost. We will get back to you within 24 hours with a delivery time and cost estimate for each of your designs. The El Jorongo Catalog is also available for a wider selection of patterns.

4) You may pay for your Custom Order by either credit card or by bank deposit. If you would like to pay by credit card we will set up a "Buy" button especially for your order on our Shipping Guarantee page.

Payment Options

5) We are sorry that we are not able to accept credit card numbers over the phone. Our Mexican bank will only accept credit cards that we can physically put through the electronic terminal at our physical store, but you can pay by check or bank deposit to a US bank if you would rather not use your credit card on the Internet.

6) If you do not wish to use your credit card on the Internet then you can send us an e-mail to order the items you want and we will reply with all the information needed to pay by check, money order, or bank deposit.

                       Payment Process Help

7) To pay using your credit card just click on the "Buy" button for each item. This will add that item to your Secure Shopping Cart. By choosing "Check Out" you will be taken through the secure payment process which we describe step by step below.

8) The Secure Shopping Cart is located at and features both the "s" ending on the usual " http" in your address bar, which indicates a "s"ecure web site as well as the padlock in the lower left-hand corner of your screen, which indicates secure pages throughout the world wide web. Always check for the presence of both of these signs that guarantee that you are on a secure page before filling in your credit card information.

At any point after clicking on "Buy" you may click on "View Cart" to be taken to your Secure Shopping Cart for a review of the item/s you have chosen. The Secure Shopping Cart will give you three options. You may go directly to "Check Out", you may "remove" any item in which case you must "update" your cart before continuing to "Check Out" or you may "continue shopping" until you are ready to "Check Out".

Once at "Check Out" you will have one more opportunity to view your cart and make any changes desired before entering your payment information. This information includes your shipping address, your credit card number and its expiration date.

After entering this information you will be asked to create a "password" and then to fill in a "security number" as provided to you. These steps are part of the PayPal security system to help prevent fraud and protect you. After filling these in you will press "continue" to finish the payment process by credit card. It usually takes about 60 seconds for the system to verify your credit card information and finalize the transaction.

Users from countries outside the US will see a notification that the PayPal security system will be making a refundable charge of $1.95US for Visa/MasterCard/Discover or American Express cards . For Switch or Solo cards two small refundable charges of under one pound will be made in order to verify the credit card information. Either of these charges will be refunded as soon as you reply to the e-mail sent to you as part of the verification process.

For further details you may wish to go to

Low Prices for Top Quality

9) E l Jorongo is a family-run weaving and knitting business begun by owners Sabino and Ruth Aguilar in 1970. It is based on the cottage industry production of handwoven wool rugs, handknit wool sweaters, wool capes, ski hats and just about anything that can be created by hand from wool. Sabino selects and buys the wool in fleece from sheep ranchers in the surrounding area and has it washed, carded and spun by the López family. Ruth dyes the wool by hand using both plant and aniline dyes depending on the season and the colors needed. The wool is given out to El Jorongo's team of expert hand-knitters, most of whom are aunts, cousins, nieces and relatives of Sabino's family, and to the Servin family weavers who then elaborate each handloomed piece in their homes. Various members of the Aguilar family do additional sewing, and add buttons and other finishing touches. This specialization in each of the many steps required to handloom our items from fleece allows El Jorongo to offer superior quality at the most reasonable prices on the Internet


Shipping Costs

10) International Shipping costs are fairly high out of Mexico. We could hide some of the shipping cost within the purchase price of each product since our prices are much lower than those of anyone selling anything similar in quality to our handloomed products, but we prefer to give the same prices on our web site as we do in our physical store in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, México as many of our customers visit us in both places.

11) We ship by both International Express Mail and by DHL, which provide tracking numbers so that our customers' orders are secure. We guarantee that you will receive your order at your address as given to us or we will ship your order again at our expense or if you prefer we will refund the total of your purchase.

Return Policy

12) Please be sure to check our Sweater Size Chart indications to be sure that you have the correct size sweater. We will be glad to exchange any sweater that does not fit, but since the shipping cost will already have been paid to get your sweater to you and since we are giving the same prices that we give in our physical store; we are not able to absorb the extra cost of shipping for exchanges.

Please be aware that due to the hand loomed weaving process there may be slight variations in the sizes of the rugs . Please let us know if you need an exact measurement in order to avoid the extra shipping costs of exchanges.

We will give a full refund of the purchase price of any item in our Bargain Box, which does not satisfy your expectations. We apologize for not refunding the shipping cost, but are sure that you will understand that all of our hand loomed items are true bargains.


13) The minimum quantity for a wholesale order is 20 pieces. A wholesale order may be assorted among any of El Jorongo's handwoven rugs, handknit sweaters, wool capes, ski hats, bargains, or other handloomed products.

14)Depending on the size of your wholesale order we can ship by DHL, International Express Mail or by air freight. We can provide estimated shipping costs so that you can decide which you prefer or we can deliver to your consolidator here in Mexico.

15) Wholesale orders may be paid for either by credit card or by bank deposit. If you would like to use your credit card we can set up a "Buy" button on our Shipping Guarantee page for payment of your order.

If there is any other information that you would like to see in our "Help" section we would be glad to take into account any advice that you might like to give us to help us serve you better.




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